CachePaq2 Datasheet

Following on from the release of the 2nd generation CachePaq we now have low and high resolution datasheets available on the product which can be found here.

Atomwide data sheets

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CachePaq2 – which model

Can you claify which model is recommended for a primary: the EdgePlus was supplied for a recent order, but the Edge, being a lot smaller will be easier to shoe-horn into equipment spaces, especially if replacing a CP1.  Any rules of thumb would be useful.

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At BETT 2009 we launched the CachePaq2 as a replacement to our original CachePaq product.

This product has been developed to support the new Espresso Clipbank product but will also include a number of new modules including per user filtering linked in to the USO database and to the WebScreen product.

I would be interested to hear of filtering features that end users would like to see added to the system of this type.

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