Enhancements to Support Site Pages within the “Service Desk” Tab

During the school Easter holidays, we have rolled-out various enhancements to the “Raise an issue” and “View issues” pages within the “Service Desk” tab of the USO support site.

Service Desk | Raise an issue – Triage Questions

Depending on the topic selected, Nominated Contacts may now be presented with specific triage questions when raising a case. The purpose of these questions is to gather all pertinent information while the case is being raised.

Currently, you will only notice this change when selecting topic “Sophos”, “GridStore support (NOT sales)”, or “Internet access”.

Answering questions displayed on the triage screen is not compulsory – free-form text can still be entered instead of/as well during the final step. However, we would appreciate answers to the requested information so that the case can be handled more efficiently, and therefore resolved more quickly.

Service Desk | Raise an issue/ View issues – Affected Establishments

To better serve the increasing number of schools forming Multi-Academy Trusts (which often cross Local Authority boundaries) and similar growth in the number of support companies looking after schools spread across many boroughs, major changes to the structure of USO have been under development. These changes mean that lists of schools can now be organised according to different types of Group rather than only by geographic area/Local Authority.

As a result of the Easter changes:

1. Schools can now be picked from relevant groups during the “Raise an issue” process.
2. The “Affecting LA” drop-down list on the “View issues” page has been replaced by “Affecting group”.
3. Users who have to pick an LA when logging into the support site will now be able to create/manage cases for any of their schools in any of their LAs by selecting the default/top option in the pick list.

Schools who are part of a Multi-Academy Trust which is not listed on the support site are welcome to have an appropriate Group created – just raise a case containing the name of the MAT, the DfE codes of the member schools, and the URL of an official public website which confirms this information.

We hope that these changes are beneficial to you. As always, do not hesitate to contact the Service Desk if you experience any problems.

To be kept up-to-date and informed of any future announcements of this nature, we recommend that you download the ParentComms:Mobile app.


Many thanks,

The Atomwide Support Team

myUSO School Calendar…

Easy access to shared calendars for all staff members…

As announced recently at the LGfL 2016 Conference the School Calendars feature is now live, and is already proving a popular addition to the ever-increasing range of services within myUSO. The School Calendar page allows users to see a ‘read only’ view of calendars available to them from within the myUSO portal (https://my.uso.im).

Key benefits for schools include the following:

• A convenient means to keep staff up-to-date with school dates and events
• The option to show the calendar via myUSO to all staff at the school or restrict it to only users who have full read-write access to the mailbox
• It’s exclusively for LGfL / TRUSTnet StaffMail users
• A ‘read only’ view preventing unauthorised editing
• The need to log into multiple shared mailboxes is reduced
• There’s no limit on the number of calendars available to view
• Calendars can be viewed at any time or place via myUSO
• It’s another feature produced for LGfL / TRUSTnet schools at no extra cost for them

Users that wish to view the School Calendar within the myUSO website should consult with their school’s Nominated Contact who will be able to enable the feature via the Support Site.

If you’d like to feedback on this or another feature of your LGfL / TRUSTnet connection supported by Atomwide, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Best wishes,

The Atomwide Team

01689 814700 | info@atomwide.com | www.atomwide.com

To be kept up-to-date and informed of any future announcements of this nature, we recommend that you download the ParentComms:Mobile app.


Good news for StaffMail users…

Both at LGfL and Atomwide we’re committed to ensuring that the products and services we’ve designed and built for use in schools continue to evolve; satisfying the ever increasing demand they need to fulfil. To that end, we’ve got some good news!

LGfL and TRUSTnet StaffMail users across the country have had their mailbox limit doubled and it hasn’t cost them a penny.

Due to increasing demand, every StaffMail user now has 20GB mailbox space as standard, an increase from 10GB. The upgrade has been enacted by LGfL and is included in LGfL schools’ existing contract.

The benefit? More space at no additional cost.                        

There’s plenty more in the pipeline concerning the email services we supply to schools so do keep your eye on this blog for updates, especially concerning our MailArchive feature, and TrustMail, the new email service for pupils that will monitor emails and report on evidence of bullying, self-harm, radicalisation and grooming.

We hope you find all the extra space handy. If you have any queries about StaffMail you can always check our FAQ page here, or the service desk is there to help, Monday to Friday from 8am – 6pm.



020 82 55 55 55 – Option 3

Happy Mailing!

The Team at LGfL / Atomwide

New Training Course Dates for the Spring

New training courses are now available for nominated contacts from both LGfL and TRUSTnet connected schools to attend. The courses cover a wide range of the services included in the LGfL bundle and are available for both technical and non-technical staff alike.

The training is hosted at Atomwide’s offices in Orpington, is free to attend, and also includes a complimentary lunch!

Please see below a list of the available dates for the Spring.

21st April 2016 – Training for Primary School Nominated Contacts (non-technical staff)

26th April 2016 – Training for Primary School Nominated Contacts (for technical staff)

28th April 2016 – Training for Secondary School Nominated Contacts

05th May 2016 – Web filtering using WebScreen 2.0 for Nominated Contacts

For further information on any of the courses or to reserve a place please visit the support site, relevant links below.

LGfL Schools


TRUSTnet Schools


Best wishes,

The Training Team at Atomwide

Makeover of the myUSO website

We are excited to announce the introduction of a fully re-designed and re-built myUSO website. All the functions and features you have come to rely on are still there, with a few enhancements and a more elegant, modern design that makes it well suited for use on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.  The main changes are in how the features are accessed and the structure of the site itself.

The site now has a more defined structure, with a clear Home page, for presenting relevant information at the point of login. New features for being able to control and customise your Home page will be introduced in the coming months. This redesign will enable a range of future development and allow the introduction of great new features which will make it an indispensable tool for both staff and pupils.

One of the biggest changes has been to the site management, with a dedicated Settings section that controls different areas of the school’s myUSO configuration. To alter any of the myUSO functions, please check the Settings sections for the relevant controls.

When visiting myUSO, everyone will be presented with a popup message offering to take you to the new site. If you choose to go to the new site, you will automatically be taken there each time you log in. If you choose not to use the new site fully just yet, you will have a few weeks to get used to it as the old site will continue to be operational until Easter, at which point it will be retired, leaving only the new-look site.

Please be aware that for the time being, pupils using any of the Easy Login methods will be taken to the old site. This will allow their teachers to know what to expect in the classroom environment and to become fully familiar with the new site themselves before introducing it to their pupils. However, by the start of March, pupils using the Easy Login option via the new site, will be able to access that site rather than be redirected to the old one.

The site will continue to evolve and develop in the coming months and we look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

LGfL London Roadshows

The London Grid for Learning (LGfL) is presenting a series of road-shows offering an opportunity for colleagues in schools to come and ask any questions they may have concerning their LGfL 2 or TRUSTnet connections, and to learn more about LGfL’s educationally-rich broadband service and how this brings value for your school, including:

  • Learn more about how to use LGfL’s cross-curricula resources to support the delivery of the new National Curriculum
  • A valuable and unique array of curriculum content and digital collections supporting teaching, learning and attainment, included with your LGfL subscription
  • Systems, resources and guidance supporting schools with safeguarding
  • A unique range of secure and reliable communication and safeguarding services – flexible and tailored to schools’ needs.
  • The dedication of a not-for-profit trust to serving and supporting schools
  • Why a leased-line fibre connection to the LGfL regional private network is right for your school and the best value available, even if you only use the connection itself!
  • Learn how LGfL can help those schools considering Multi Academy Trust status set up their internal networks on each site easily and securely. This can be extremely useful for those SLT and Finance members who work across multiple sites on a regular basis and ICT staff who wish to manage each site’s network and services from a single location where relevant.

To book your place on any of the events please visit https://lgfl.wufoo.eu/forms/registration-a-lgfl-road-show/


27/11/2015 LGfL South West London Road-show Event – The Chaucer Centre, Merton

Coffee and registration from 08:45

Start 9.30 and Finish 11.00am

The Chaucer Centre

Canterbury Road

Morden, SM4 6PX

Parking on site – nearest station St Helier (Waterloo – 30 mins)


1/12/2015 LFfL North East London Road-show Event – Redbridge Central Library, Redbridge

Coffee and registration from 09:00 (no access before this time)

Start 9.30 and Finish 11.00am

Redbridge Central Library

Clements Road

Ilford, IG1 1EA

Parking at Clements Rd Car Park, IG1 1AG – nearest station Ilford (Liverpool St – 15 mins)


3/12/2015 LGfL North West London Road-show Event – Premier Inn South Mimms, Barnet

Coffee and registration from 08:45

Start 9.30 and Finish 11.00am

Premier Inn South Mimms

Swanland Road

South Mimms, EN6 3NH

Parking on site – nearest station Potters Bar (not near, about a mile away)


8/12/2015 LGfL South East Road-show Event – Atomwide Offices, Orpington

Coffee and registration from 08:45

Start 9.30 and Finish 11.00am

Atomwide Ltd Unit 2-3

Ravensquay Business Centre

Cray Avenue

Orpington, BR5 4BQ

Limited parking on site – nearest station St Mary Cray (5 – 10 minute walk)


10/12/2015 lgfl Central London Road-show Event – Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, London

Coffee and registration from 08:45

Start 9.30 and Finish 11.00am

Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church

Friendship Centre

London WC2H 8EP

Nearest tube – Tottenham Court Road Tube (5 – 10 minute walk)


Secure Document Exchange – now in myUSO

The myUSO website continues to grow with new features being introduced. We are delighted to say that the ability to share files in a secure and traceable manner is now available in myUSO, having moved from its previous location in the USO Support Site. This feature, known as USO-FX2, is available to all staff users in schools subscribing to LGfL or TRUSTnet and will be found as a new page within the site.

USO-FX 2 offers staff members the ability to share sensitive data with others within the school or LA as well as relevant third parties both within and outside the USO system. Files are uploaded to a secure server and can be accessed by their intended recipients via a valid username and password, along with second factor authentication, where required. All actions come with a visible audit trail so that recipients get email alerts when files are available and the person sharing the file knows who has downloaded their file and when.

For users of the original USO-FX via the USO Support Site, this offers all the functions and features with several enhancements: a vast increase on file size limits, no file type restrictions, second factor authentication on a per-file level and more.

The original USO-FX will be retired in the coming months so anyone still using that will continue to be able to do so for the foreseeable future but is urged to begin the transition to the new version.

New feature for myUSO site

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new Welcome page for the myUSO website. This initial landing page offers a friendly entry point into the site and presents links to both the Early Years login methods for younger pupils, as well as the standard login for everyone else.

myUSO front pgeThe Welcome page presents a default design but each school will also have the option to create a customised Welcome page to be used instead. In the customised version, schools can display their logo, an image and a range of messages to visitors. When in school, the custom Welcome page (if used) will replace the official default Home page through the recognition of each school’s IP addresses. Additionally, schools can also create a specific URL through which to access the Home page features such as the login links. The school-specific URL will allow users to access a school-configured Welcome page even when at home.

Additionally, schools wishing to integrate access to myUSO with the school’s website can embed the relevant code in their site. This will make the top bar, containing the login links, appear on the school’s site for easy access to myUSO, whether at school or at home. A script for this functionality is available from the Settings section.

The settings can be configured by Nominated Contacts who will need to log into the site, click on Edit Links and then select Settings. All relevant instructions for configuring the various options will be found in the configuration section for each setting.

Your Attention Please… For The New LGfL VoIP PA Function!

In our ever continuing efforts to produce simple and cost-effective products designed specifically with school requirements in mind, we are delighted to announce the latest feature to complement the London Grid for Learning telephone VoIP service. Schools now have the option to add a PA integration feature to the system.

Authorised staff members will be able to call a dedicated phone number from their desk phone, which then connects through to the school PA system allowing for either live audio (spoken from the user’s own handset), or pre-recorded audio files such as spoken announcements or music, to be output.

Just plug in a small unobtrusive server than can be installed next to a PA system or other amplifier. The server outputs a mono analogue audio signal on a 3.5mm jack, so will typically integrate with any such school PA or audio system with an appropriate audio input.

The feature is easily managed via a dedicated webpage that affords schools the ability to configure and control their own settings, once plugged in you are ready to make or play announcements.

Full installation can be provided by Atomwide along with ongoing support.

The VoIP PA feature offers a smart, flexible and convenient alternative to how announcements are made at school, and is available for all LGfL VoIP schools as a highly competitive optional extra.

Further information and pricing on the VoIP PA Function please speak to one of our technical professionals by emailing info@atomwide.com or calling 01689 814700

Thank you for your time.

The Atomwide Team


Enhanced functions in myDrive

Due to popular demand, we have added some new and improved functionality to the myDrive file sharing service.

Our latest development allows more control over documents and folders used within your establishments. While anyone is able to create a personal folder and share it with others, Nominated Contacts now have the ability to create a folder which is managed only by the Nominated Contacts. This allows documents to be stored and shared within a school without the need to consider the possibility of a staff member leaving and taking their documents with them. As the folder is controlled by Nominated Contacts, anyone in that role will have access to the folders and documents which will remain in place even if one or all the Nominated Contacts have left.

Additionally, third party support organisations can create yet another type of folder that allows them to share documents and resources with all the schools their company supports with just a few clicks. These folders will be made available to all the school staff to whom they are relevant and will managed by the staff members of the support organisation.

As ever, if you have any queries you can check out our help page on myDrive which is in the user guide found within the myUSO website.

Get your message across with our WordPress plugin

Atomwide have developed a WordPress plugin that can be used by any school running their own hosted WordPress site, whether hosted with LGfL or another provider.

The plugin integrates with information from OpenCheck and allows you to send updates posted on your site to every member of school staff via the ParentComms app. You can also choose to send blog posts to every parent that subscribes to your school’s status feed from OpenCheck using the ParentComms:Mobile app.

The FREE plugin, called WP ParentComms Connect, can be downloaded from the WordPress repository and installed into your WordPress site. It must be activated by your school via a code that can be obtained via a dedicated page in the OpenCheck website, accessible only to Nominated Contacts and others with OpenCheck permissions.

Once the plugin is installed and configured, new content can be sent to parents and/or staff as soon as it is published, keeping everyone up-to-date on important school events and announcements, completely free of charge.

To fully benefit from this offering, schools should encourage parents and staff members download the free ParentComms app which is available for iOS and Android, with a Windows Mobile version to be released soon.

StaffMail service upgrade

We hope you enjoy using the LGfL StaffMail service, and have found it meets your needs and is consistently reliable.  LGfL and Atomwide are pleased to announce that over the next few weeks, the StaffMail service will be updated from the current version (Microsoft Exchange 2007) to Exchange 2010. A further update to Exchange 2013 is also planned but it is necessary to update first to 2010.

This upgrade will bring several benefits to end users, particularly an enhanced OWA (webmail) interface that offers the “Premium” experience to users of browsers other than Internet Explorer (eg Chrome or Firefox). Previously these browsers could only access the “Light” interface. The current issue with IE11 only being able to access the Light interface (unless the site is added to Compatibility mode) should also be resolved.

It is expected to take several weeks to migrate all users to the new version. Once the upgrade process begins those using OWA will notice a slightly different login screen and as each user’s account is upgraded  they will be presented with the improved  OWA interface after login.

Users using Outlook to access their mailbox should not notice any major differences; they may be prompted to close Outlook and re-open it, at the point where their mailbox is moved, but it is not expected that any changes will need to be made to Outlook profiles.

We anticipate this upgrade process will be completed with minimal user inconvenience.

LGfL Technical Conference Prize Draw

Anyone attending the LGfL Technical Conference on Monday 30 June can win either an iPad mini or a ticket to the Caterham Formula 1 Technology and Engineering works in Langley Oxfordhsire (on 21 August 2014)

Your chance to win a prize will be determined by a prize draw. Electronic raffle tickets will be delivered to your installed ParentComms:Mobile app. To be eligible, you must have the app installed on your device and authenticated by your USO account.

The ParentComms app allows a school’s Nominated Contact, to receive information and updates from a range of services such as alerts regarding network status and announcements posted in the support site.

It also works in conjunction with the OpenCheck service helping schools to inform parents of unexpected closures easily and free of charge.

To be in the competition you must:

  • Be registered to attend the Conference on 30th June 2014
  • Have the ParentComms app already installed on your phone
  • Ensure you have logged into the app with your LGfL USO account.

Please note this competition is open only to school staff and not employees of any private company engaged by the school. Please see the Terms and Conditions for full details.

The winner will be drawn at random and the results announced at the close of the LGfL conference on Monday 30th June 2014.

Please check our blog, Twitter or Facebook feeds for winner announcements.

Competition winner

Thank-you to all who attended the LGfL conference on Monday. It was lovely to see you all there and the day proved to be a success, with brilliant keynote speeches from David Mitchell and Dr Andrew Curran.

The winner of our competition which was open to users of the ParentComms app was selected at the end of the conference. We would like to congratulate Peter Luck from The Campion School in Havering.

New competition!

WIN either an iPad mini (worth £250) for you, or a Digital Signage device with free layout design for your school (worth £550).

We have launched a competition which gives you the chance to win either a Digital Signage device or an iPad mini simply by downloading the ParentComms mobile app.

The ParentComms app allows a school’s Nominated Contact, to receive information and updates from a range of services such as alerts regarding network status and announcements posted in the support site.

It also in conjunction with the OpenCheck service allows schools to inform parents of unexpected closures easily and free of charge.

To enter the competition you will have to:

  • Attend the LGfL conference on Monday 28th April 2014
  • Have the ParentComms app installed on your phone
  • Ensure you have logged into the app with your LGfL USO account.

This needs to be completed by 3pm on Monday 28 April 2014. Please note this competition is open only to school staff and not employees of any private company engaged by the school. Please see the Terms and Conditions for full details.

The winner will be drawn at random and the results announced at the close of the LGfL conference on Monday 28th April 2014.

The ParentComms app is free to download for Android (download here) and iOS devices (download here).

Please check our blog, Twitter or Facebook feeds for winner announcements.