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  1. We are presently testing the new version of the modules that allow user access to the profiling settings on the internal support site by Atomwide support staff.

    The functionality of this includes a number of improvements that allow Itmanagers to modify profiling across a number of different users and establishments as such is somewhat more complicated to test the security aspects of the release.

    Once the security aspect has passed QA then the modules will be released into the new support site which will replace 98% of the functionality of the old support site and thus allow it to be closed down.

    It’s anticipated to make this code available this term.

  2. 2% comes down to various old utilities that are no longer used anymore and have no affect on the database – so no point in re-writing the code

  3. Just logged in to upload a document through Document Exchange and accidentally clicked on a LA and school and couldn’t deselect what I had accidentally selected without refreshing the screen and resubmitting data ….. Is there going to be any easier way to deselect in future? I know it may seem trivial but it will be one of those annoyances that will bother people ( me already) : )

  4. very subtle but we’ve added a clear selection button just below both selection boxes which should give you the functionality your after … 🙂

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