Multiple aliases for shared mailboxes

Here is a tip for those LGFLMail domain admins who wish to have more than one alias assigned to shared mailboxes……

If you want a shared mailbox to be addressable via more than one alias then start off by making a note of the target shared mailbox underlying name (this will be in the form where XXXX is a unique number). Armed with this information you should now select Administer Aliases from the Activity drop down menu.

At the bottom of the list of aliases created on your domain, enter the new alias name and then select the correct mailbox name from the drop down list (under Destination). Add further aliases to taste.

That is all there is to it.


10 thoughts on “Multiple aliases for shared mailboxes

  1. Thanks, Frank. You are of course correct – there will be multiple entries pointing to the same core mailbox in the Shared Mailboxes section.

  2. How are you then able to change which one is the from address without deleting and reapplying the alias? There’s no option on the shared mailbox screen for this.

  3. Ah – that might have been the case when you posted the previous comment. But take another look….have a great long weekend everyone.


  4. Hi,

    I believe this issue, which related to a shared mailbox rather than an alias, has been resolved in a call this morning to our helpline.


  5. Steve

    Is it possible to have ONE shared mailbox which is available across TWO domains that a school has (eg old email domain and new email domain)?

    If so is this something that would need setting up by you, to prevent me making it impossible?


  6. Hi,

    Yes – it should be possible to do this. Make sure that both domains are registered for the school in staffmail first and then check the underlying mailbox name used for the shared mailbox created on the first domain. You can then set up an alias on the second domain that points to the same underlying mailbox.


  7. Gurkan Besler from Newham Partnership Working in Newham;Gurkan Besler from Monega Primary School in Newham;Gurkan Besler from Colegrave Primary School in Newham;Gurkan Besler from Manor Primary School in Newham says:

    Hi, What is the maximum number of aliases allowed for a single shared mailbox..?

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