TXT system

For a limited period of time we have enabled a txt service in USO, if you log in to the support site, go to the ‘My Account’ tab and then go to ‘Account details’ you can register your mobile phone in the contact section. You can also get your members of staff to do the same.

Then go to the ‘User Accounts’ tab and select ‘sms messaging’ and you can send txt messages to specific users or custom groups of users in your school or LA – the whole service right now is free of charge and we would welcome your feedback on it’s functionality.


2 thoughts on “TXT system

  1. it would be useful to have an email interface to the sms system so that for exaple a network monitoring system could send an alert email to the sms sytem which would foward it as a text.
    Like a email parser thingy.

  2. Internally to Atomwide we use a product called SNMPc which glues into the txt’ing system, allowing server failure to be alerted by sms.

    For a number of schools we monitor local systems and deliver sms alerts when they fail – in Sutton I think you may find that Darren & Mark at the Grove can help you out with this kind on monitoring service.

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