USO database migration

As part of a programme of planned maintenance, the USO database will be migrated to new clustered hardware in the first week of the Easter holidays.

For resilience purposes copies of the database are held in several secure locations which will also require replication. Disruption will begin on Tuesday 7th April with all affected services suffering potential disruption on that day. It is anticipated that major outages will be limited to that day, but the 8th and 9th are also marked as contingencies, and there may also be minor outages on those days as various aspects of the configuration are tidied up. 

All services which are authenticated using USO may be affected 

Shibboleth-authenticated services may be affected; however this will only affect services/users which use the WAYF login screen.  Additionally, it is planned that one IdP (identity provider server) will remain available throughout the work in order to minimise impact.