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  1. Hi Mark,

    The difference between the various Cachepaq2 models is not specifically related to the size of the physical unit – but the specifications.

    The Edge contains 1GB of RAM and 2 x 250GB mirrored hard discs, whilst the EdgePlus has a faster processor, 2GB of RAM and 2 x 500GB mirrored hard discs. Beyond that, there is also a CP2Enterprise software module for delivery from an Atomwide-supported server platform, and which is most suited for deployment at a WAN level.

    The choice between the Edge and EdgePlus will typically be influenced by a school’s content delivery needs. For users subscribing to Espresso Primary or Espresso Clipbank, for instance, we would recommend the EdgePlus due to its greater storage capacity.

    More information can be found on the CachePaq2 data sheet here:


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  2. > For users subscribing to Espresso

    That’s the deciding factor for me, thanks Paul.


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