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Up until now, when a case is raised in the Call Logging system the person raising the case receives e-mails whenever an update to the case takes place. That is fine for most situations but there are circumstances where more than one person needs to receive these e-mail alerts. An example would be in a school with several Nominated Contacts where all might wish to be appraised of case updates rather than each having to log in regularly to the support site just in case a change has been made.


From today, if you are interested in the progress of a case which you are permitted to view but which you did not raise then you can click on a new button in the case marked “Register Interest”. This will add you to the list of case update e-mail recipients and ensure that any subsequent additions to the case are e-mailed to you as well as the person who raised the case in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Interested Parties….

  1. Great Addition. It would Also be great if authorised 3rd Party Interested Parties could be selected by the user to be included in updates (and maybe even be given ownership).

    eg. If a local RBC Circuit/connectivity issue is identified the LA ICT Support unit (aka NOC for us) can be included in the loop.


  2. Yes, like this one, and file attachments – already used both. Tick. v.g.


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