User Listing

Couple more additions to the user provisioning that should be of interest to Itcontacts.

If your using an automated method of creation of USOaccounts like GroupCall or USO-AutoUpdate then you will now receive, as Itcontacts, an email when new users are created in your school.

In addition in the

Home : User Accounts : User list/search

View on the support site there is a new indicator option (bottom left side) that lets you sort users by creation date.

2 thoughts on “User Listing

  1. In some cases, user accounts are moved / associated with a new school, when the date the account was created may be some time in the past. Is this catered for?

    (and How?)


  2. The date shown in the User List is the date the users account was created – so if the user is a transfer from another school the date displayed will still be the original creation date.

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