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In the absence of Safemail for pupils we have recommended to primary schools that they create a whole-class email address which the pupils can use under the guidance of the class teacher. It appears that we can’t do this as the service desk have rejected requests.

Until MS incorporate Safemail into Londonmail we cannot sell this to our primary schools and need an interim solution. Can you please suggest how we might do this?

John Schmitz from LA in Barnet

4 thoughts on “Class emails

  1. It’s true you cannot have a generic account in StaffMail – however you can have a shared mailbox with an aliase pointed at it. This means you can have and email address of

    I think this delivers what your after as it’s accessable by as many teachers in the school as you like.

    1. I spoke to Ian Lehmann yesterday and he is working through some technical issues at the moment. He assures me they will start a roll-out in September.

  2. Would it be an idea to remove – or at least edit – the lead section for this, as if someone only looks at teh heaadline, htey may get teh impression that safemail is not available.

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