USO-AutoText additions


We have a number of new features in the SMS texting system USO-AutoText released as of today.

All the SMS configuration now exists under one menu from the main page of the support site called ‘SMS’

You can now allocate numbers of SMS messages to schools and also the cost per message at an LA level on the ‘configuration settings’ page.

In addition you can also set the email address for incoming sms messages on a per school basis – an incoming message has it’s CLI number from the sending phone looked up in USO and then the message is forwarded to the configured email address for the school that that user is associated with.

Another page ‘Invalid Mobile Numbers’ looks at the data imported from the MIS system and checks that it is just a number and no alpha characters, it also looks for the correct number of digits and with the correct start sequence for it to be a mobile number – incorrect numbers are listed so the school or LA user can see the accounts that need attention and it’s not possible to send txt messages to them.

The ‘Send Message’ page now tells the user how many message credits the school has remaining and also the cost of sending the presently selected message based upon the LA price per text. This page also allows the user to deselect any number of the pupil recipients from the ‘Pupil Contacts’ list.

We also now have an MIS bit that can be set in USO which allows the user to see sensitive data that’s been imported from an MIS system – this means that an ITcontact, Power or Super user does not automatically get to see contact details for pupils and other MIS data.

For further details or to get this service activated for your school or LA please raise a support case.

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