School Public Calendar facility

The Staffmail system has been upgraded to provide every school with its own calendar, which can be found under Public Folders->Calendars.

Any staffmail user can add an entry to this calendar which will be visible to all but only the creator of an entry or a Nominated Contact can subsequently modify or delete an individual entry. Please note that this facility is currently in beta – if you experience any issues using the school public calendar then raise a case on the support site with a clear description of the behaviour observed and the actions that preceded it.

11 thoughts on “School Public Calendar facility

  1. How would a school publish/embed a dynamic calendar of this sort in, say, their public web page so that events etc are kept current?

  2. The calendar is not designed to be published externally. Its function is to give users of Staffmail within a school a common school diary which is accessible and updatable via any OWA or Outlook client.


  3. Is there a means to print out the calendar other than as a screen dump?

    Also, is this shared calendar web-only, or is it available through Outlook etc?


  4. Hello Peter,

    OWA 2007 does not include any facility to print out a calendar other than the standard print facilities of the browser. That is yet another reason to consider using Outlook as it has so many more and flexible facilities compared with its web-based counterpart.

    Shared calendars are maintained in public folders so these are accessible in the same place within Outlook….assuming you are using the Exchange client of course.


  5. Our school is making good use of this “Whole School Calendar” and having no problem with it via PC.
    When used via Mac or iPad the Tasks and Public Folders cannot be seen, therefore we can’t use these facilities. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

  6. I hope someone is still reading this.
    How many users can be given permission to add to the calendar?

    1. All StaffMail users have the ability by default to add, amend and delete their own individual entries in the school public calendar and these entries will be visible to everyone. Only Nominated Contacts and those users who have been given “Public Folder Editor” rights via their USO profiles may amend or edit calendar items created by other StaffMail users.


  7. What I’d like to introduce is a shared calendar which is visible through both the web interface or, if a user is using Microsoft Outlook, through that. In addition I would like to have the facility to add as many ‘editors’ to the calendar as I wish, so, for example, all of SLT, Pastoral leaders and the main office staff could be given permissions to edit. I have been told that only about 20 people can be given permission to edit. I hope I have explained my needs clearly. Is there a solution?
    PS It would not be practical to have everyone use Microsoft Outlook as there are many shared desktops.

    1. There is no reason why the public calendar should not meet your needs – there is no limit to the number of individual accounts in your school that may be given Public Folder Editor rights though, as indicated in my earlier response, such rights are only necessary if an individual is going to be editing entries other than his/her own. I suggest that the best way of taking this forward is for a Nominated Contact at your school to raise a case on the support site where these matters may be discussed in more detail and the best solution for your school’s specific needs can be identified.


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