USO-AutoText & imported data

The USO-AutoText system now has added functionality with regard to testing imported parent contact numbers.

Options have been added to the support site interface that allow System Admin’s to identify parent contacts that exist in the schools MIS system that do not have a mobile number listed for them.

In addition the import utility now checks and removes alpha characters from the imported data so when your schools MIS system has ‘07887-123456(Mum)’ entered as a mobile number this will be reduced to 07887123456 which will be accepted.

A specific attendance report has also been added to the USO-AutoUpdate software that can be run at a time chosen by the school which extracts data about pupils who are have failed registration on that day.

This data is then used to seed a new tab in the sms section to allow’s the school to easily send a text message to the parent’s of the pupil using a default message with personalisation added for the parent’s name and the pupils name.

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