The unbelievable happens ….

After more than 20 years I’ve finally succumbed to general pressure and we have started writing a User Guide for the support site !

The green shoots of the project can be seen on the support site. There are also link buttons in the support site itself that take you to specific pages on the guide.

In due course we will be adding pages based upon questions being raised by users on the help desk, support cases being raised and web hit counters on the support site but if anybody has any suggestions for areas they would like covered sooner rather than later please post them here.

As we progress you will see various links appear in the support that take you direct to the relevant pages.

Don’t forget this is like painting the Forth bridge and I suspect is a task that will never be completed !

Base of the manual can be found here.

Martin Coulson

7 thoughts on “The unbelievable happens ….

  1. For me … the best areas to write help on would be (in order) …

    1. Matching the Staff and Pupils queried by the auto upload.
    2. Checking the SIMS upload to the USO has run.
    3. Using OpenCheck
    4. Enabling and disabling StaffMail.
    5. Setting up and removing aliases.
    6. Creating shared mailboxes.
    7. Checking data for the SMS texting.
    8. Using the SMS texting.
    9. Receiving a USO-FX file.
    10. Sending a USO-FX file.

  2. A joker – and at 7:24am in the morning as well !!!

    worry not all your list of items are at the tiop of the list to do – not quite in that order but they are all on the list.

  3. The User Manual is growing! Another few pages on OTP tag registration, Head teacher Summary View and Raising a Support case have been released today.

    You may have also noticed that there is an “Interactive Guide” available to download. However, you will need to unblock it before it will display its contents to the world. You will either need to untick the box next to the bit that reads “Always ask when opening this type of file” or right-click on the guide, select properties, the Unblock. You will need to do this every time you download a new file, which naturally you will need to do all the time as we update it. (You can thank Microsoft for the additional bit of interaction.)

  4. Thanks for this Martin, was on the verge of organising some basic training locally and this have saved me a job!!!

  5. We run training sessions for NC’s in September and October every year in Sutton and although it’s a drag to have to run them it very significantly cuts the number of calls down on the helpdesk. We also combine them with an eSafety presentation which gets them through the door in the first place.

    Running them thru the support site and in particular the whole school bulk requests section makes a big difference.

    We request that all NC’s attend every 2nd year. It’s very easy to spot the one’s who don’t attend via the call stats.

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