Recent changes to USO-AutoUpdate overnight process

The overnight task that processes a school’s exported data from its MIS has been amended to do the following:

1) Automatically mark staff mobile numbers as verified where the headteacher of a school has specified that this should happen. The headteacher can set this option via the ‘Configure settings’ page, found here, under the SMS tab on the support site.

2) Staff USO accounts will have their association with a school removed if they no longer appear in the exported data for the school and they are recognised as having been in a previously processed MIS extract from the school. If the account only has one association then the account will be moved to the unallocated pool. A LA can stop this process by raising a support case and requesting that the feature be turned off.

These new features will help streamline the management of USO accounts for a school and ensure the USO accounts match the school’s MIS data.

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