Some time ago ….

Chris posted a list of items he wanted added to the online help.

1. Matching the Staff and Pupils queried by the auto upload.

For this topic have a look here

2. Checking the SIMS upload to the USO has run.

This can be found here

3. Using OpenCheck

This is on the wish list …. watch this space

4. Enabling and disabling StaffMail.

5. Setting up and removing aliases.

6. Creating shared mailboxes.

4,5&6 – the request has been passed to LGfL

7. Checking data for the SMS texting.

Details of how to do this are here

we have actually added some further test’s in this section since Chris made the request.

8. Using the SMS texting.

The base page of sms text’ing is here

9. Receiving a USO-FX file.

10. Sending a USO-FX file.

The root pages for USO-fx are here

do watch this specific space – USO-fx is about to have a number of extra features added !!!

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