USO-FX and private Nurseries

We have a data collection routine with private nursery providers which involves the transfer of USB memory sticks. Is it appropriate to give an individual at each nursery a USO, link this to their nursery email address (whatever that might be), and use USO-FX for the data transfer?

When they transfer data to the LA can they be restricted to seeing just LA staff?

John Schmitz from LA in Barnet

One thought on “USO-FX and private Nurseries

  1. You can certainly create establishments in your LA for additional sites such as nurseries and then add users to those sites. You should remember that generic or shared accounts do are not allowed.

    In many cases it’s vital to be able to trace which actually user has done something in a school or nursery and so specific people should be allocated accounts.

    Basically as long as there are in education and the LA has purchased full USO then this would be the best route and would allow them access to USO-fx

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