Additions to the AutoText Service

We have added a number of accounting functions to allow LA’s to set various limit’s with regard to numbers of text messages in schools.

You can set a point at which a red message is displayed warning that the school is running out of message credit’s, by default this is set to 150, once the school run’s out of message credits a negative number is displayed and the LA can control how far into an over-draft the school is allowed to go before the system really does stop sending messages ! By default this is set to -100

Details of this feature can be found here

When a schools sends a text message and their account is over-drawn an email is sent to the LA sms admin and an option is provided to email the Head Teacher of the school at the same time.

Details of this feature can be found here

All of these messages and default settings can be configured on an LA by LA basis – to change a message please raise a support case.

We have also added to the staff Pre-defined lists so it’s now possible to de-select any number of users in the lists before sending the text.

Details of this feature can be found here

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    Good to talk to you Saturday. As discussed, texting SIMS Class-sets would be very useful.


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