Deleting Mailboxes

Martin, we have a set of mailboxes in each school for global emails from the LA eg ‘head’, ict’ etc. This has worked fine for 18 months and suddenly we have a spate of deletions. Is there any way we can protect these mailboxes from over-eager nom cons? Thanks, John

3 thoughts on “Deleting Mailboxes

  1. Difficult this one – if we give Itcontacts power and they use it … Unfortunately the way to stop an Itcontact for doing things like this is to make them a member of staff and thus remove their power … Obviously has other knock on effects

  2. Hi John,

    both the “Delete the selected source alias, but leave the destination mailbox intact” and “Delete the selected source alias and the destination mailbox” links already generate a popup alert when clicked, asking for confirmation of the delete.

    It’s also now possible that you don’t have to take away Nominated Contact status from a user to deny the ability to manage StaffMail addresses – just take away the ‘LGfL mail domain administrator’ permission.


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