Choice of OTP tags

An increasing number of LAs are buying OTP tags for Head Teachers and Nominated Contacts and recommending making second-factor authentication a requirement for users who can access sensitive data. As a result, we are now offering a choice of two new OTP tags in addition to the existing ones.

small screen tag

One option is a new look tag which is similar to the current ones but offers a better-defined button and a plastic-protected serial number on the back that can’t be rubbed off. These come in the standard synchronous and a time-based version. The synchronous tag works in the same way as the existing tags. Time-based ones produce a new code every 60 seconds and have the advantage of not being able to get out of sync.


The other version of the tag also provides a time-based authentication code and also has a much larger and clearer display which should help anyone who has trouble reading the numbers on the tags currently in use. This one is also unable to become out of sync.

Both time-based authentication tags cost £2 more than the current (synchronous) OTP per unit with no change in the price of support. Availability is generally 6-8 weeks from the time an order is placed. For more information contact

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