Digital Signage solutions

The popularity of Atomwide’s Digital Signage system continues to grow with over 100 display screens now installed across London and South East schools and 15 screens across LA buildings such as CLCs, Children’s Centres, LA offices etc.

Unlike other Digital Signage packages, the Atomwide system is designed specifically for use in educational establishments and has saved a great deal of time and money for the schools already using it.

In addition to the service now being an LGfL branded solution, 8 LAs have also produced own-branded promotional service flyers recommending it to their schools. The solution is totally bespoke and packages tend to start around £1899 for a reception area setup that includes Digital Signage hardware, dedicated display screen and installation.

Examples of Atomwide School Digital Signage:

For more information please contact or visit the Digital Signage section of the Atomwide site

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