New functionality in USO-FX

USO-FX now offers a secure way to for you to receive a file from anyone – regardless of whether or not they have a USO account!

This person wanting to receive a file must “invite” the relevant individual to upload it through the newly implemented “Invite a file” feature of USO-FX. The person sending out the invitation must do so through the support site but the invitation can be sent to anyone with an email address.

You would need to ensure the other person knows your USO username as they will have no way of finding it if they don’t have access to the support site. The person you invite will receive an email with a link to a secure interface where they need to enter your username and then upload the file that’s been requested. You will get an alert from the support site when something is available for you to download.

For full details on how this works see the support site User Guide.

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