Creating Nominated Contacts

A new bit of long-awaited functionality is now available! Head Teachers who have registered OTP tags now have the ability to create new Nominated Contacts within their schools via the support site.

There will no longer be any need to collect signatures and fax forms to the service desk, thus eliminating delays and excess paperwork. A Head will need to use the Nominated Contact management page found under User Accounts to grant Contact status to a staff member (with or without a request being made by that staff member). The Head will need to enter their OTP code each time an action needs to be performed even after having logged in to the support site to ensure security is always strictly maintained.

Staff members will also be able to access this page in the support site but only to submit a request to become a Nominated Contact and to see who the other Contacts are.

A maximum quota of Nominated Contacts allowed per school will be enforced under this system. The quota will be determined by the LAs who will need to let Atomwide know of their requirements. It is possible to have different quotas for primary, secondary schools, etc.

As already stated, although the page will be visible to all, the functionality will ONLY be available to those schools whose Heads have a registered OTP tag.

For full details on using the Nominated Contacts management page please see the relevant page of our user guide.

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