Added attendance report to USO-AutoText

Anyone using AutoText to notify pupil contacts of unauthorised absences now has an additional report available to use. The new “Absent for pm session but present for am” option allows you to send alerts to contacts of pupils who were marked “present” for the morning session but then marked “absent” for the afternoon session.

This option presumes that all pupils marked “absent” during the morning session have already had notifications sent to their contacts and therefore filters them out to produce a list of those pupils who are absent in the afternoon only.

This will mean that pupils’ contacts will not receive two absence notifications on the same day if this is not desirable.

This option is different from the “PM absences” one in that the “PM absences” report shows all pupils absent in the afternoon, regardless of whether they were absent or present at morning registration.

A full explanation of all the options can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Added attendance report to USO-AutoText

  1. is this available for schools using Pearson e1 and RM G2 Management Information Systems? Or is this just SIMS only at present.

  2. The ability to export attendance data from MIS products relies on the data being available and users having the necessary controls to send this data to us daily at a suitable time. We are currently working on developing these controls. At present, this functionality is available to SIMS users only, but integration with Pearson E1 and RM Integris G2 is imminent so watch this space…

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