New addition for schools exporting attendance data via USO-AutoUpdate

All schools using USO-AutoUpdate to export attendance data either once or twice per day, can now be notified when their exported attendance data has been processed. This added feature is optional and is intended to eliminate guesswork by letting schools know exactly when their exported data is ready to be used in USO-AutoText to contact parents/guardians of absent pupils.

To make use of the new feature, the person who takes responsibility for sending absence notifications via USO-AutoText will need to have the Role of “Attendance Officer” added to their USO account profile. This role can be added to a user’s USO account by a Nominated Contact or another user with higher-level permissions.

Once the role has been added in USO, the Attendance Officer will receive automated emails from the processing system letting them know that the most recent attendance export has been processed and results can be seen in USO-AutoText.

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