USO-Parent Accounts now available to support web-based Parental Engagement on LGfL 2.0

Atomwide can now provide Parent USO accounts for use with compatible parental engagement services. These accounts are available to parents through a secure self-registration process and will allow parents to view parental reporting data within the online interface provided by a variety of services, currently including the London MLE, USO-integrated SIMS Learning Gateway, and Atomwide’s own ParentLink Reporting pages.

Parent USOs are initially available for use with LGfL 2.0-subscribing schools for use with the London MLE, SIMS Learning Gateway and ParentLink services as described above.  They are also released today for use by all Buckinghamshire LA WAN-connected schools for use with SIMS Learning Gateway within the Bucks Learning Portal (BLP).  In all cases, Parent USO capability is enabled on a per-school basis in response to a request from a school Nominated Contact via the USO Support Site.

Schools are asked to contact their Parental Reporting service provider to ensure that the appropriate reporting service is available to their school, and also to ensure that USO-AutoUpdate is being used to export the necessary data to Atomwide, prior to requesting Parent USO accounts to be enabled.

Schools in other USO-licensing LAs should contact Atomwide or their LA for further details on the future availability of Parent USOs.

More information on the creation of parent accounts and what is required to access parental report data can be found in the LGfL/Atomwide USO Support Site online manual. Click the blue “Help about this page” button from any page in the USO Support Site to access the manual, then select the “Parental Engagement” topic from the menu structure on the left-hand side.

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