Access to all LGfL content will be via LGfL USO only from 1 September

LGfL is moving towards using a Unified Sign On for all its services. Users should be aware that as of 1 September 2011 access to all LGfL content will be via LGfL USO accounts only. (This is the same login as is used to access StaffMail or LondonMail accounts.)

This means that from 1 September:

  • Users wishing to access content from home will not be able to do so using a Fronter login.
  • Screens where a choice of the type of login is offered will no longer appear as all logins will be via LGfL USO.
  • Users whose London MLE account is not linked to their LGfL USO account will still see a Fronter Login screen but  LGfL content within the MLE will require a further login.
  • Access to content via network IP recognition will continue within the schools as before.
  • Access to personalised content will require USO authentication as normal, whatever your location.

For the full briefing document, including details on the compatible MIS platforms and how to obtain USO see:

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