LondonMail accounts now available to staff (in LondonMail-enabled schools)

In schools where LondonMail is enabled, members of staff now have access to their own personal LondonMail accounts.

These accounts are designed and configured to make e-mail communications between staff and pupils possible in schools where any or all year groups have SafeMail restrictions placed on pupils’ accounts. If SafeMail rules state that incoming and outgoing emails to external addresses are blocked and internal mail is configured to be received at school level or above, staff members may now use their LondonMail accounts to send and receive e-mails from pupils in the same school under those circumstances.

Staff can log in to their LondonMail accounts by going to and clicking on the “log in to LondonMail” link in the top right corner.

LondonMail accounts exist for the specific purpose of enabling e-mail communications between staff and pupils where SafeMail restrictions are in force and cannot be used to communicate with external e-mail addresses.

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