USO-AutoUpdate for Serco CMIS is undergoing release trials

USO-AutoUpdate software has recently been updated to allow extraction of data from Serco CMIS. Schools using this MIS can obtain a copy of the USO-AutoUpdate software on request to create and maintain their pupil and staff USO accounts. All schools using USO-AutoUpdate for the first time will need to enable the software to export data via the AutoUpdate settings page in the USO support site.

The software is undergoing final trials in various schools at the moment.  Anyone wishing to participate in the trial may do so on the understanding that the software provided is a Beta version. To obtain the software, a Nominated Contact will need to raise a support case and request that the software is enabled for their school. A link to the correct version of the software download will then be provided via the support case. All details regarding installation and configuration, as well as the software download, can be found here.

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