USO-AutoUpdate has been released for Wauton Samuel users

Schools using the Wauton Samuel MIS can now make use of LGfL USO-AutoUpdate software to create and maintain their pupil and staff USO accounts. Schools that have been managing user accounts manually can now automate the updating of USO account data, greatly reducing the amount of work involved in the administration of user accounts via regular, scheduled exports of agreed data fields.

Schools that have been using a different, or third party, exporting process can now switch to USO-AutoUpdate. The current software will need to be disabled before AutoUpdate can be used. All schools using USO-AutoUpdate for the first time will need to enable the software via the AutoUpdate settings page in the USO support site.

Schools will need to have a recent, USO-AutoUpdate-compatible, version of Wauton Samuel School Web Services installed and obtain the relevant login details from Wauton Samuel. They should then download the USO-AutoUpdate software from the link provided in the USO Support Site User Guide (via the Blue ‘Help’ button). All details regarding installation and configuration, as well as the software download, can be found here.

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