New USO-OTP Tag Pricing Structure

Atomwide has altered the way in which USO-OTP tags are sold to reduce administration costs for schools and LAs. The old method of purchasing tags outright and support separately on an annual basis has now been replaced by a fixed price per tag that includes one year’s warranty and lifetime support. The majority of tags last over 3 years and if any tags outside the year’s warranty develop a fault they will need to be replaced at the current list price.

The new pricing for USO-OTP tags is as follows:

Quantity        Cost

0-49                   £45

50-149               £35

150+                  £25

With the majority of tags lasting over 3 years, the new pricing structure not only represents a saving in administration time with schools and LAs not having to deal with a support renewal each year but also, over a 3 year period, a cost saving of between £14.50 and £2.50 per tag depending on the quantity purchased.

Existing tags will remain renewable until such a time as they either naturally expire, or Atomwide offers a “support buy-out” option at the next support renewal date.

As a reminder, USO-OTP tags can currently be used to provide second factor authentication to a number of services such as the RAv3 Remote Access Service, Nominated Contact access to the Support Site, Head Teacher usage for Nominated Contact online sign-up and school USO-AutoUpdate activations, etc.

For further information regarding USO-OTP please see the Atomwide USO-OTP Service Flyer or the  LGfL USO-OTP Service Flyer.

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