Important notice regarding changes to email filtering and termination of ECC in LGfL

Following the roll-out of MailProtect 2.0 in LGfL, the existing LGfL filtering system (known as the ECC) is being decommissioned today (23 July 2012), as scheduled and previously announced.

All schools who needed to change their settings to ensure their email service continued without interruption have previously received instructions by email and/or cases on the support site regarding changing their settings to work with MailProtect 2.0 in preparation for the switchover.

From today, schools that have previously used the ECC but have not yet migrated to the MailProtect 2.0 system will be unable to send or receive mail. In such schools users attempting to send an email via the ECC will receive an automated message informing them that the service is not available. Anyone attempting to send mail from outside into the school will receive the same message and emails will not get through.

If you are trying to email someone in a school and receive a message saying that your email has been rejected, please contact the school via alternative means to alert them of the problem.

If your email service has stopped working under the circumstances outlined above please contact the LGfL Support Desk by updating a previously opened case on this topic on the USO support site (or raising a new case if no current case exists).

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