MailProtect 2.0 goes live

MailProtect 2.0, from Atomwide, is now in widespread service, offering new functionality, and protecting users in around 2,500 UK schools from email-borne spam, viruses, porn and abuse.

RBC, LA and school staff account holders using Atomwide USO, or LGfL USO, can log into their relevant MailProtect website at:

…and view a log of scanned messages relating to any of their personal email addresses that are authenticated via USO.  The details of any emails blocked by MailProtect can be examined, and “false positives” can be released (unless they are believed to contain viruses).  In addition, these users can add trusted senders to a personal “allow” list so that future messages are exempt from spam checks, and/or opt to receive daily “spam digest” emails which offer proactive notification about blocked messages.

USO Nominated Contacts with appropriate “mail domain administrator” permissions can use the same web site to release blocked messages on behalf of any of their users, and configure domain or establishment level “allow” lists.

More features are currently under development which we look forward to announcing over the coming weeks.

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