LGfL Access Management Federation

As part of schools’ LGfL 2.0 subscriptions in London, access is included to a wide range of premium software from commercial providers that would cost many thousands of pounds if purchased separately.

Some of these software packages have been enhanced to be “LGfL aware” – meaning that they include additional, unique features linked to a school’s staff and pupils’ USO accounts. For example, the popular website “MangaHigh” can “know” the names of a school’s classes, along with their teachers and pupils. This makes the process of setting up MangaHigh accounts automatic – a job that would otherwise be very time-consuming and require continual manual updating.

LGfL has established a “Federation” of carefully-selected partners that may be permitted to access USO data, and has strict rules in place to regulate this activity.

Access by Federation partners to each school’s data is managed through the Federation data release page of the LGfL USO Support Site, accessible only by the Head Teacher. The page summarises what, if any, data is available to which Federation partners and why. It also allows a Headteacher to switch on, or off, any data sharing links for their school.

For full details and instructions, school Nominated Contacts and/or Head Teachers should read the associated page in the support site user guide.

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