Support Site structure for Headteachers

The LGfL USO Support Site contains pages which can be viewed and acted on only by Headteachers. To assist Headteachers in finding all the relevant pages, they have been grouped together into logical cut down menus to be displayed via a simplified interface in the Support Site. The feature is designed to guide a Headteacher’s attention to only the pages, information, and decisions that are specifically related to, or dependent upon, them.

Some of the functionality available to Headteachers can be accessed and configured only by individuals with registered OTP tags. These are only required for individual processes that typically represent a network security risk, rather than a data protection one. Such services currently include the online signing up of Nominated Contacts and the request to give Option 2 status to a school.

The re-organised view of the support site can be accessed by clicking on the link titled “Switch to basic menus” which appears in the top line of the Support Site. The option may also be used by others to simplify their view and so is not actually labelled as being purely for Heads. The last mode of view chosen is ‘remembered’ for subsequent sessions. The link can be used to toggle between the two different views as needed.

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