USO Instant Messaging (Atomwide Chat)

Following the recent notice from Microsoft of the imminent demise of Windows Live Messenger (AKA: MSN), and the additional challenges that schools may face when asked to deploy Skype as the alternative, Atomwide is pleased to make Atomwide Chat available to full USO-subscribing schools at no additional charge.

Operating in a similar, and hence familiar, manner to MSN or Windows Messaging, Atomwide Chat is an authenticated instant messaging service that can be used in schools, with access controlled via a USO account, and which keeps a secured history of conversations.

Atomwide Chat can be used in schools with a greater degree of security compared to publicly available messaging services, and access can be restricted to staff and/or pupil groups separately on a per school basis. Messages can be exchanged between any valid, and locally-enabled, USO accounts.

Users can access a simple web-based interface or install one of the several more feature-rich client applications that are available for most platforms, including PC and Mac, and many mobile devices.

Further details are available to USO Nominated Contacts via the Support Site User Guide.

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