USO-authenticated SMTP service

In situations where it is necessary for a user to send email via SMTP from a mobile device it will be possible to use the LGfL SMTP server settings in the mail client to enable mail to be sent. Users can authenticate securely with their USO credentials against the SMTP server set up in the core of LGfL specifically for this purpose.

This free service is intended for use by establishments running their own non-Exchange mail server and where users need to be able to send mail from various devices. In such circumstances, it will be possible to configure a mail client with the relevant settings to enable users to send email securely whenever necessary.

The service works on the basis that the “from” address configured in the mail client is the same email address as that registered to the user’s USO account. To enable the service, a Nominated Contact from any LGfL-subscribing establishment needs to raise a support case and request it.

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