HTTPS searching with Google

The problem

Using Google search will often take users (unknowingly) to the HTTPS version of their search engine. This changes the search experience as the data and content become encrypted, making it hard to filter against content or key words using filter systems such as WebScreen 2 and prevents the Google Safe Search function from being enforced.

The solution

If you wish to disable Google searches from taking place in an HTTPS environment so that filtering rules can be enforced along with Safe Search, you can do so by using the DNS servers in the core of the LGfL Network. These have been configured to ensure that any request for is redirected to a non-HTTPS version of the Google site in the locale requested. This means that for example if a user trys to surf to they will always end up at

This DNS redirection does NOT affect other Google systems such as Gmail, to which secure access is still available.

In the LGfL 2.0 network, the LGfL core DNS servers located at and can be used to perform this redirect for Google, in other broadband networks use your core DNS servers.

If you do not wish to make use of this service and wish to run your own local DNS then you can point them at root DNS servers on the internet which are NOT blocked on your network by default.

If you wish to completely secure your school’s network then please raise a support case and ask for all non-core DNS requests to be blocked through your local firewall. This will prevent local users from changing the DNS servers they are using away from the core servers.

2 thoughts on “HTTPS searching with Google

  1. I understand from Atomwide that this DNS redirection is no longer operational, hence any search performed here at school via Google only directs in the first instance to the HTTPS version of a web site. This then can create the problem as you describe above. This seems to make us more vulnerable to unfiltered content. Could you tell me if I understand this correctly and if so does LGfL have a resolution to this?
    Kind Regards
    Peter Collins

    1. Unfortunately the DNS redirect that used to be in effect has been rendered obsolete by changes implemented by Google. We are actively pursuing a solution to allow HTTPS sites to be filtered, and announcements will be released as soon as this solution is ready. In the meantime, limiting access to Google using the per user, or other group, filtering settings in WebScreen 2.0 is also an option.

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