QR code Early Years logins for young pupils

myUSO, supported by the Early Years Login for younger users, is designed to encourage greater use of learning resources through easier and more locally organised access.

To further assist in meeting that aim, a ‘User-recogniton’ helper service (WhoAmI?) is available for use by young pupils within school.

Another useful login aid, and one which can be used inside or outside of the school, uses QR codes that can be printed out and kept on crib cards, book jackets, or other convenient locations.

Quick Response (QR) codes are a type of two-dimensional bar code that are used increasingly in all sorts of familiar places.  They can be read by many devices, but perhaps will be most typically used with ‘smart’ phones and tablet devices running Apple iOS (iPhones, iPads) or Google Android (various manufacturers’ phones and tablet computers).  Other devices, including LearnPads (Android tablets with ‘classroom management’ software), and computers with appropriately configured webcams, can also read these QR codes.

A pupil’s QR code will have their details and username embedded in it so that when scanned by a computerised device, such as those described above, it will take the pupil to the Early Years login page which will have their USO username pre-filled in. They will then only need to enter their Early Years PIN by either using a keyboard or clicking on the relevant pictures associated with the numbers in their PIN.

To make this simple to implement, teachers can print a list of the QR codes onto A4 sheets of labels and hand out a label to each pupil to be stuck to their notebook, etc., so they will always have it to hand.

QR codes are part of the Early Years Login that can be activated by the school’s Head Teacher signing a declaration on the USO support site and the required data being exported via USO-AutoUpdate. Full details can be found here.

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