Introducing the Early Years login for myUSO

We are delighted to announce the launch of an Early Years login page that helps pupils in Year 6 and below to access USO-authenticated learning resources via a simplified process using a PIN in place of the password that older students require.

Early Years login pageOnce Early Years login is enabled for the school, younger pupils can access myUSO by going to and entering their USO username, followed by their PIN code.

The PIN can be entered directly using a keyboard, or by clicking on a sequence of numbers associated with child-friendly animal graphics.  This will grant access to an ‘Early Years’ view of the myUSO website where the pupil will find links to a relevant set of learning resources that can be further categorised by school staff to best suit the needs of each school or group of users.

The ability for a school to use Early Years login is simply enabled by a Head Teacher accepting a declaration found in the USO support site, and relies on MIS data being provided via USO-AutoUpdate. For full details on activating and using this feature please see the User Guide.

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