User-recognition login for young pupils

The WhoAmI? service helps very young pupils to log in to myUSO learning resources via ‘Early Years Login’ without them having to remember their username. This is achieved by the pupil being directed to, typically by their teacher, and then answering a series of child-friendly questions to identify themselves.

Who am i? websiteThe pupil is asked the name of their class, whether they are a boy or a girl, and the first letter of their first name. This will result in either their name, or a short list of possible matches, being presented to them to choose from.

Clicking on their name in the list will result in them being sent to the Early Years login page where their username will have been pre-filled in for them. They will then only need to enter their PIN by either using a keyboard or clicking on the relevant pictures associated with the numbers in their PIN.

The WhoAmI? service is part of the Early Years Login that is activated by the school’s Head Teacher signing a declaration on the USO support site and the required data being exported via USO-AutoUpdate. Full details can be found here. This ‘helper’ service has been designed to work only within recognised school IP ranges to maintain security.

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