LGfL wireless networks deployed in Richmond libraries

A new LGfL wireless network has been rolled out to all public libraries within Richmond as of March 2014. The managed wireless solution uses LGfL’s WebScreen 2.0 filtering system and offers pupils and staff from local schools flexible internet access by providing web filtering designed for them by their own schools.

Configuration of filtering policies takes place within the schools and is automatically activated in the libraries through the per-user filtering feature. To benefit from the service, students and staff need to simply use their existing LGfL USO user credentials and log into the system. This filtering will automatically cover the mobile devices of everyone with a USO account connecting to the libraries’ wifi. The actual filtering policies covering each user will be set up and managed by the schools. Adult users without USO accounts will be able to obtain access on request from library staff.

This system makes filtering management simple for library staff and ensures that all users who can be identified by their schools can bypass local filtering settings and obtain the degree of access they would normally be accustomed to at their schools.

Full details on creating the correct configuration are available in the USO Support Site User Guide.

If you would like to know more about using the LGfL managed wireless system in your own establishments please email info@atomwide.com or call 01689 814700.

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