StaffMail service upgrade

We hope you enjoy using the LGfL StaffMail service, and have found it meets your needs and is consistently reliable.  LGfL and Atomwide are pleased to announce that over the next few weeks, the StaffMail service will be updated from the current version (Microsoft Exchange 2007) to Exchange 2010. A further update to Exchange 2013 is also planned but it is necessary to update first to 2010.

This upgrade will bring several benefits to end users, particularly an enhanced OWA (webmail) interface that offers the “Premium” experience to users of browsers other than Internet Explorer (eg Chrome or Firefox). Previously these browsers could only access the “Light” interface. The current issue with IE11 only being able to access the Light interface (unless the site is added to Compatibility mode) should also be resolved.

It is expected to take several weeks to migrate all users to the new version. Once the upgrade process begins those using OWA will notice a slightly different login screen and as each user’s account is upgraded  they will be presented with the improved  OWA interface after login.

Users using Outlook to access their mailbox should not notice any major differences; they may be prompted to close Outlook and re-open it, at the point where their mailbox is moved, but it is not expected that any changes will need to be made to Outlook profiles.

We anticipate this upgrade process will be completed with minimal user inconvenience.

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