Enhanced functions in myDrive

Due to popular demand, we have added some new and improved functionality to the myDrive file sharing service.

Our latest development allows more control over documents and folders used within your establishments. While anyone is able to create a personal folder and share it with others, Nominated Contacts now have the ability to create a folder which is managed only by the Nominated Contacts. This allows documents to be stored and shared within a school without the need to consider the possibility of a staff member leaving and taking their documents with them. As the folder is controlled by Nominated Contacts, anyone in that role will have access to the folders and documents which will remain in place even if one or all the Nominated Contacts have left.

Additionally, third party support organisations can create yet another type of folder that allows them to share documents and resources with all the schools their company supports with just a few clicks. These folders will be made available to all the school staff to whom they are relevant and will managed by the staff members of the support organisation.

As ever, if you have any queries you can check out our help page on myDrive which is in the user guide found within the myUSO website.

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