WebScreen has long been one of Atomwide’s flagship security and safeguarding tools. Designed specifically for educational use and in close partnership with London Grid for Learning (LGfL) and their dedicated safeguarding team, WebScreen has over the past 10 years filtered for millions of school users across the country, making over 40,000 URL decisions per minute on the appropriateness of web content.

Why is filtering important?

Schools in England centre their safeguarding efforts on the Department for Education statutory advice document ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ or KCSIE.

KCSIE makes clear that schools must have ‘appropriate filtering’, and the DfE recommends the UK Safer Internet Centre’s definitions to help gauge what is appropriate.

LGfL and Atomwide have both submitted a self-certification to the safer internet centre which has been published on their website alongside those of all other ‘appropriate’ and school-safe filtering providers.

Schools can therefore rest assured, and can tell a visiting inspector, that this is one key way they know that they are helping keep children safe when they are online at school, and that the filtering is not just good enough, but made for children.

One of LGfL’s core aims is to keep children safe – that’s what LGfL DigiSafe and the Atomwide WebScreen filtering product are all about.

What’s new in WebScreen?

To ensure our products and services continue to serve their school users as best as possible, reflecting the changes in the educational landscape, and resulting from feedback from schools about how WebScreen could help them save even more time and offer more sophisticated filtering, we undertook with LGfL last year to make some major updates.

We are delighted that the new look WebScreen is now live, filtering for millions of users in over 3,000 schools across the LGfL / TRUSTnet network. New features and benefits include:

  • A dedicated new website
  • A clean, modern, responsive redesign
  • Active Directory authentication
  • Bulk policy updates
  • Enhanced reporting tools
  • A new, customisable block page

We hope you like these improvements. Schools using WebScreen can find out more about the various new and improved features and benefits by watching these videos.


If you’re not using WebScreen, but looking for a dedicated, user-friendly and easy to manage web filtering platform for your school, please get in touch.

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