Shared Support for London Schools

As an education solutions provider with 30 years’ experience, we know that the effective delivery of technical support is crucial for both us and our customers. Atomwide currently support millions of users in thousands of schools across the UK with a combination of 1st, 2nd and 3rd line, telephone, web, on-site, remote and training for a variety of services with a current Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 87. Our priority will always be to ensure that the levels of service schools receive remains as high as possible.

To this end, we are delighted to have recently partnered with 3BM to further improve our mutual SIMS and school technician services with complimentary skill sets and resource.

Atomwide SIMS schools will now be supported by 3BM’s highly dedicated and reputed SIMS team, and will enjoy the following benefits over and above their Atomwide SIMS support.

1)      3BM are a SIMS Accredited Support Partner, offering helpdesk support, training courses, site visits and consultancy arrangements.

2)      3BM offer their leading, comprehensive SIMS Support services to 210 schools with an additional 430 schools subscribing to their SIMS reporting tools and support.

3)      With a dedicated team of 17 from LA and school backgrounds, SIMS supported schools will still benefit form a personal service, but with even better real-time availability and more resource.

4)      3BM offer SIMS User Groups, providing an opportunity to meet the team and other schools in the local area to network and share best practice.

5)      3BM have a representative on the national SIMS Strategic Advisory Panel (SSAP) and the Vice-Chair of the SIMS London User Group (SLUG).

In turn, schools supported with a 3BM school technician service will now join Atomwide’s growing family of schools looked after by one of our dedicated team. These schools will receive all of the following and more:

1)      A free network health check highlighting areas of improvement, concern or savings providing a roadmap for future technology plans

2)      Expert 1st, 2nd and 3rd line technical support and knowledge of Atomwide and products and services

3)      Maintenance of IT hardware

4)      Software updates and installations

5)      Backup and disaster recovery management

6)      Antivirus, security checks and updates

We are confident that this new arrangement will ensure both Atomwide and 3BM schools will continue to get the best possible service and support from the leading providers in the sector.

If you are a school looking for SIMS, on-site technician or remote network support and would like to know more about the support services offered by Atomwide, 3BM or both, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out how we can help.

Best wishes,

The Team at Atomwide

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