Windows 7 Upgrade

In January 2020, Microsoft will end its support for the Windows 7 operating system and security patches will no longer be freely available. Although after this date, PCs will still operate, they will be increasingly vulnerable to new cyber security threats and should be upgraded at the earliest convenience.

Without the upgrade, your school will be at increased risk of successful cyber-attack, additional cost and decreased performance.

Atomwide are a Microsoft Authorised Education Partner, and can support schools in preparation for this in 3 ways:

1). We can secure licensing for Windows 10 to replace Windows 7 for schools looking to do this themselves.
2). We can offer a one-off upgrade away from Windows 7 with limited remote support hours to get you through the transition.
3). You can subscribe to the Atomwide Remote Network or IT Technician services, providing discounted, pro-active, ongoing, specialist IT expertise and support to schools including cyber protection, data backups, software patching and updates, hardware procurement, disaster recovery, day to day maintenance and more.

If you’d like to discuss your Windows 7 migration or any other ICT needs please don’t hesitate to get in touch. | 01689 814700

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