Atomwide now AdEPT Education

We are pleased to announce that Atomwide are now AdEPT Education.

Atomwide have been part of the multi award-winning AdEPT Group for 2 years. AdEPT is one of the UK’s Top 25 quoted technology companies, and as part of it our team are able to lend more support, expertise and resource to our customers, and invest further in ongoing research and development. We can continue to ensure our services remain the best they can be, and what schools need.

So what do you need to know? We will remain education-focused, and it will be the same team of people you have been working with thus far, just better-equipped to help. As part of this change, and as good practice, we are updating our customer communications preferences. If you would like to opt in to receive periodic email updates from us regarding service announcements, promotions, news, training and events please click here to opt in.

Email is the primary way we communicate with our customers, so we would urge you to subscribe. You can opt out at any time.

Our focus will continue to be on delivering the best services to schools, and as AdEPT Education, we aim to be even more comprehensive in the support we can offer than ever before.

If you’d like to discuss the change with a member of the team please get in touch.

You can visit our new website here –

Best wishes,

The Team at AdEPT Education

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