Leasing for Schools

Technology is a necessary requirement for any organisation and in today’s digital age it plays a vitally important role in schools. Technology enthuses pupils and enhances their learning across the curriculum. Children passing through today’s education system are ‘digital natives’ and the use of technology can be almost second nature to them; it grows and advances with them as they progress through their education careers.

With this in mind, alongside the vital role technology plays in the administrative running of a school, it is essential that schools keep their technology up-to-date. We know, however, that this can be a challenge in terms of cost and trusted advice regarding what is both value for money and fit for purpose.

At Atomwide we recognise just how important school technology is, we’ve been designing, developing, deploying and supporting it for over 30 years. We also understand those challenges and concerns around budget, choosing the right technology and, importantly, ensuring staff are fully trained to use it to its maximum potential.

That’s why we partner with Axis Leasing to provide affordable options that allow schools to keep their technology up to date and standardised across a whole site which in turn keeps training/CPD costs down and ensures teachers don’t waste valuable teaching time when moving from differing types of technology setup across different learning spaces.

Why do we work with Axis?

In a nutshell: TRUST.

Since the early days of Olivetti and BBC computers, Axis have been helping the education sector develop teaching methods via the acquisition of new computer equipment and software right up to today’s cutting-edge Virtual Reality equipment.

Axis have a passion for education and are very proud of the fact that their schools come back year after year, and that they maintain relationships. Trust means everything, and having been around for so long Axis are supremely qualified to advise schools on the correct methods of funding equipment, ensuring compliance and cost-effectiveness.

  • Arrange operating leases to comply with funding guidelines
  • Defer payments to tie in with budgets
  • Tailor payments to meet budgets
  • Technology refresh options
  • Provide you with highly competitive end of term arrangements
  • Finance the entire IT network, including training and installation, services and licenses
  • Master Facilities for phased draw-downs of equipment
  • Assistance with procurement of assets
  • Laptops for parents schemes

You can use Axis Leasing for any of our products and services:

  • Voip
  • WiFi
  • CCTV
  • Audio visual
  • Hardware
  • And more…

To discuss any of our products and services and any available leasing opportunities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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