LGfL 2.0 IP Telephony and Managed Wireless at BETT 2013

Stand F120 – London’s ExCeL, January 30th – February 2nd

At BETT 2013, Atomwide will be demonstrating the innovative new IP Telephony and Managed Wireless systems that are available to LGfL 2.0 Schools on Stand F120.

Please come and meet the team at the BETT Show between 30th January and 2nd February at London’s ExCeL to find out how these services can provide your school with high quality service and fantastic cost savings.

IP Telephony

The LGfL IP Telephony system takes advantage of resilient core ‘Call Management’ infrastructure, capable of supporting telephony services across the entire LGfL estate, so schools need only pay for the service-enabled handsets and any chargeable calls. As a result of this, a simplified and highly accessible product range comprising of a selection of IP phones and conferencing devices is available to schools.

School-level Control

Deployment and support of the service is centrally managed via an LGfL-hosted website that fully integrates with LGfL USO for both security and feature configuration. This site gives schools huge amounts of control over their phone system including the configuration of user handsets, detailed call data and cost reporting, access to personal and shared phonebooks for staff and/or parental contacts, access to call recording services, and the recently-added ’Fax-to-Email’ service.

Why IP Telephony?

  • Unlimited concurrent outgoing calls
  • Bespoke and scalable, feature-rich, system
  • Low cost service
  • No line rental charges
  • FREE phone calls to other LGfL IP Telephony sites (great for multi-site schools!)
  • Low rates for all other calls
  • Secure online management interface
  • Staff and Parent contact phonebooks
  • Call data and costs displayed in near-real-time
  • FREE call recording
  • Fax-to-Email option

“The bottom line was that we were able to implement a school-wide IP Telephony system for less than £3,000 – a school close to us recently spent £9k installing an alternative IP Telephony system!!

We have also significantly undercut our existing call charges.” Deputy Head Teacher, Croydon School

For more information on LGfL IP Telephony please visit Atomwide on Stand F120 at the BETT Show, or contact sales@atomwide.com, or visit: http://www.lgfl.net/services/Pages/school-voip-ip-telephony.aspx


Managed Wireless for Schools

LGfL Managed Wireless uses resilient ‘Wireless Controller’ technology located in the core of the LGfL 2.0 network to provide schools with scalable, secure and fully managed Wireless networks at their sites. Access to a school’s wireless network is controlled by LGfL USO authentication, and includes controlled ‘Guest’ access for users with or without USO accounts, and solutions for the connecting of simple ‘consumer’ devices.

School-level Control

Schools can specify how many wireless networks they wish to broadcast (SSIDs) and can control which users have access to each one via an easy-to-use management interface on the LGfL Support Site, where they can also manage access by device ID, adding an extra layer of security to their network.

Schools can configure wireless access to their curriculum and admin networks for certain staff and groups of students, and also a separate guest network that simply grants access to the Internet. All Internet access is then filtered by the LGfL 2.0 filtering service, WebScreen 2.0.

Why LGfL Wireless?

  • Fully managed wireless system
  • Secure, authenticated and auditable access
  • School control over wireless networks and user access
  • Device-level access control
  • Integrates with WebScreen 2.0 web filtering
  • Scalable solution using powerful wireless access points
  • Lifetime wireless access point warranties available

“We have implemented the Atomwide wireless system in school to give students safe and secure access to the internet via mobile devices with all access controlled by USO and filtered by the school web filtering policy to protect them.

With the management tools available via the Atomwide Support Site we have also been able to grant secure access to user areas for both Staff and Students without compromising the security of the school network.

It is also quick and convenient for us to grant secure and controlled guest user access to both existing USO account holding and non USO account holding visitors to the school.

The ease of use and coverage and reliability of the wireless access points we have deployed has been very impressive in comparison to systems we have tried in the past.

The best way to describe the system is that it WORKS! and our wireless network is now something that we don’t have to worry about. We are now using Atomwide Wireless as an everyday tool to aid teaching and learning in the classroom.” Network Manager, Grammar School, Bexley

For more information on LGfL Managed Wireless please visit Atomwide on Stand F120 at the BETT Show, or contact sales@atomwide.com, or visit: http://www.lgfl.net/services/Pages/wireless-system-for-schools.aspx


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